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"Justice, like lighting, should ever appear
To few men's ruin, but all men's fear."

A blog dedicated to everyone's favorite team of villains-turned-heroes, the Thunderbolts.

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Hawkeye #19, Fraction and Aja with Hollingsworth

You two are just human deathtraps, you know that, right?

Hawkeye #19, Fraction and Aja with Hollingsworth

You two are just human deathtraps, you know that, right?

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Tumblr user askclint has provided a translation. :)



Thank you so much! My first impression was that one doesn’t need to get the signs to understand the story… but it would still be better with. I’m going to verify that assumption now.

For anyone else also looking, this is the link to the translation.

I’m gonna reblog this, with the caveat that I’m also including this recent tweet by artist David Aja:

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Hawkeye #19, Fraction & Aja with Hollingsworth

Oh god my heart.

Hawkeye #19, Fraction & Aja with Hollingsworth

Oh god my heart.

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hawkeye #19; “look at me. make everything something to hit with. and hit them until they stop.”

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exhibit 72936 of why the marvel vs dc argument is stupid: both let rob liefield draw actual comics for them that actual real life people bought

there are no winners here

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Hey! I asked you a while back about where I could find the Parker run on T-Bolts, and you didn't have an answer. Well, thanks to Marvel Unlimited's sale, I finally got around to reading the whole thing, and I loved it! I just wanna say thanks for getting me interested in the book to begin with! Keep up the awesome blog! :)

I’m really glad to hear that! :) I love sharing the love.

If you tweet at all, I’m sure Jeff would love to hear for himself that you liked his run. His Twitter handle is @jeffparker

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I just realized that following @gailsimone on Twitter is like following Deadpool because so much of that wackiness we associate with him came from her brain first.

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Oh man it’s finally coming back July 30 (runs around in crazed circles and falls down)

Also, Clint’s hearing loss is back. I should rummage around for that old story where it helps him fight Angar the Screamer and Screaming Mimi…

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where did you find out that victoria is dating xena???


the panel at sdcc confirmed lucy lawless is playing isabel, her girlfriend in the comics

errr the only pic i have of them is ofc the breakup scene WOOPSIES

but since they didn’t use tori’s 616 backstory isabel probably still loves her i’d assume

so basically the moral of the story is it’s going to be great xena is going to make out with victoria hand and nothing can hurt me anymore

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Do you think with Thunderbolts NOW ending they might bringing back the, y'know, REAL Thunderbolts? Or just relaunch the same ol' bag of shit again (probably with a black character added this time around because they love their pretense of diversity)?




I’m afraid you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for someone to pooh-pooh Marvel’s attempts to improve diversity in its comics. The recent announcements about Sam Wilson and Thor stem from a larger trend that includes making Carol Danvers Captain Marvel, introducing characters like Kamala, Miles, and Robbie Reyes, and building teams like the Mighty Avengers (who are all POC). Things appear to be changing, and I am completely onboard with that.

Are they perfect? Of course not. For one, Marvel could certainly afford to hire ACTUAL PEOPLE OF COLOR instead of handing stories about black and Latino characters to white writers and artists (this is how we got Luke Cage’s infamous ‘Sweet Christmas!’). And there are plenty of characters that could stand to be revamped or retired because their schticks are more than a little problematic (I’m looking at you, Snowbird).

But I completely prefer Marvel’s approach over DC’s, which has been to doggedly chase the status quo and double down in the face of public critique. I haven’t seen anything from DC that makes me think they’ve changed the editorial attitude expressed at SDCC 2011, when Kyrakz questioned the lack of women in the new 52 titles being debuted and was met with derision and hostility from the panelists.

As to your actual question, I’d really like to hope that we will be able to put the past behind us and treat the Redbolts the way we treat the Fightbolts, which is (say it with me):

Rule number one, you do not talk about Fightbolts.

Rule number two, you do not talk about Fightbolts.

Yeah, I’m all for bringing back “the REAL Thunderbolts,” but I don’t see how that’s mutually exclusive with “adding a black character.”  They can do both.  They have done both.
I appreciate anon’s concern that the next relaunch will be a calculated cash grab, with no consideration of the spirit of the original T-bolts.  But the diversity of the team is a completely separate issue.

Yeah, seriously. Adding a character who’s a person of color?

Been there.

Done that.

Bought the motherfucking t-shirt.

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